Canon EOS 10s Body Only

Canon 10s #ad - Exposure is determined either by an 8-zone evaluative metering system or by the partial-metering method. Include "one-shot af mode" and "AI Focus AF Mode" predictive, continuous auto focus. Exposure modes include program, exposure compensation, which includes 4 preset exposure modes and the innovative bar code system.

. Introduced in 1990, this professional-grade 35mm slr camera was known as "EOS 10S" in America, "EOS 10" in Europe and "EOS 10 QD" in Japan. Three auto-focus points provide users greater flexibility for subject positioning and improve tracking of moving subjects. Other exposure features include: ttl flash with the built-in flash or Canon speedlites, metered manual, depth-of-field AE, shutter and aperture priority AE, Canon's "Programed Image Control" PIC, auto exposure bracketing, multi-exposures and an interval timer.

Canon EOS 10s Body Only #ad - Shutter speeds range from 30 seconds to 1/4000, plus B, with flash sync occurring at 1/125. With canon 10s' 14 customer function controls, DX coding, the user can tailor functions such as film rewind, shutter-speed lock, depth-of-field check and the rare mirror lock-up feature.

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Energizer 2CR5 Lithium Battery

Energizer Batteries EL2CR5BP #ad - Lithium photo battery 2CR5 6V Count on it shot after shot. Long-lasting power. Withstands extreme temperatures.

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