Minolta Auto Electroflash 132X

Minolta #ad - Based off the previous 320 undedicated it boasted a guide number of 32 in metres, had bounce and swivel capability, and used thyristor circuitry. The 320x was the flagship of Minolta's Auto Electroflash models. In practical terms, this resulted in faster recharge times and longer battery life. A neutral density filter and 5 coloured filters for creative use.

Adjustable power setting in manual mode. Thyristor circuitry was a huge advantage for users, as it enabled the capacitor of a flash to only discharge the amount of power required for a flash, rather than it's whole charge. 3 auto settings for automatic flash operaton.

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4x Kodak UltraMax 400 Speed 35mm 36 Exposures Film

UnAssigned 8225715 #ad - 4 rolls / 36 exposures / 400 Speed. They are sharp and saturated with fine grain for the speed. Here are four rolls of high speed general use color negative film. 35mm / iso 400 Process C-41.

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